Shire Gate Farm started in 2007, and since day one we have been committed to delivering grass-fed beef that is antibiotic and hormone free in order to enhance each customer’s food experience as well as their health and well-being.

Initially, Shire Gate Farm began as a home for our beloved Shires, Rocky and Simon, a.k.a the “Big Boys”, where they could roam freely. The land we acquired was large enough for additional livestock, so we decided to realize our dream of owning and operating a hobby farm, that soon it became much more than that.

After extensive research we choose a heritage breed of cattle, the American British White Park. Our intent was to purchase two bred cows, however we walked away with 11-bred cows and a bull. Harvesting our first steer was an epicurean discovery.It was then that we decided having free-range, organically produced, delicious, grass-fed beef was something we wanted to share. Hence, the launch of Shire Gate Farm branded beef including steaks, filets, NY strip steak, rib eyes, short ribs, sirloin, chuck roast as well as ground beef and stew meat.

At Shire Gate Farm we are constantly looking at ways to make things better for our livestock and the environment and pass on the quality and flavor, not the expense, on to you – our valued customers.

We are incredibly grateful to do what we do and appreciate your business. Thank you for helping us bring back the harmony between land and livestock.